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Richard Hammett

Rick Hammett, Ed.D. is a co-principal with authors Gary Low, Ph.D. and Darwin Nelson, Ph.D. of Emotional Intelligence Learning Systems, Inc. (EILS), an educational concern dedicated to building healthy and effective individuals, schools, organizations, and communities. My education philosophy provides for positive change in people, which I believes is best achieved through person-centered teaching/coaching that includes the principles of transformative emotional intelligence (EI; Nelson & Low, 1977 – present). 
My research and professional interests include psychometry and the measure of latent human factors; how counseling and coaching theories enhance individual and group performance, organizational and school development—especially the development of EI leadership theory and models—and social-emotional learning standards for curricula across all levels of education. Scholarly contributions include Emotional Intelligence Leadership theory (Nelson, Low, & Hammett, 2008), HLN-EI Leadership Model (Hammett, Low, & Nelson, 2007), the Personal Excellence Map (PEM) (Nelson, Low, & Hammett, 2007), and the development of more dynamic representations of the Emotional Learning System (ELS).  Executive Editor of The International Journal of Transformative Emotional Intelligence (TIJTEI) and a founding faculty member of the Emotional Intelligence Training and Research Institute (  Teach graduate courses in counseling and educational leadership at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Walden University, University of Houston-Victoria, and lead professional development workshops, seminars, conference programs, and symposia.


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