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Windell Gill, EdD

Windell Gill spent his early career in the process manufacturing industry. He worked with oil field equipment and also as a process operator in a highly volatile manufacturing process. He connects well with working people and the daily challenges they face. He provides strategies that identify and promote a whole-group healthy emotional climate, which contributes directly to positive performance and shared achievement.

Windell transitioned into public education as a special education teacher, helping secondary students with special needs develop relationship skills necessary for employment. Because of his classroom and behavioral management experience, Windell was asked to support teachers across all grades in a school district with more than 50,000 students. As an Instructional Specialist, he focused on the dynamics of classroom behavior and management, developing an emotional literacy workshop for teachers and students across all grades. Windell also served as a liaison to Human Resources helping to recruit teachers from across the nation. He spent years recruiting, training, evaluating, and supporting new teachers. He is particularly familiar with the subtle nuances that often determine the emotional climate of the classroom.

He is a uniquely engaging presenter. Involving all participants, he leads the group to synthesize and maximize the emotional climate necessary for positive outcomes.

Dr. Windell currently serves as senior minister to a faith community. He serves as Chaplain to the local police department. He is a certified faculty member of the Emotional Intelligence Training and Research Institute.
He holds a Master’s of Divinity, a degree related to faith communities; a Master’s of Education from University of Houston-Clear Lake; and a Doctorate in Education. His doctoral research is in the emotional intelligence field and examines the impact and management of emotional labor.