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Art Trejo

Dr. Art Trejo recognized as motivational and organizational leadership & management professional, and speaker, focusing on innovation, and organizational improvements, providing consultancy services to several industries. Dr. Trejo is a TED Speaker.

Dr. Trejo received his doctoral degree from the University of Phoenix in Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership / Information Systems and Technology, specializing in applying Emotional Intelligence particularly to the leading-edge technology industry from the perspective of diverse workforce… Dr. Trejo works in Aerospace sector focusing in Military & Defense, Avionics and Transportation line of business, allowing Dr. Trejo to interact with major airlines around the world, regarding the flight deck navigation instruments and in-flight entertainment and communications systems.

Dr. Trejo has worked in the High Technology and Aerospace / Avionics fields for over 40 years, employed by major technology companies in computing research and currently focusing on wearable technology, and high-performance computing technology and satellite communications, taking him to live, and work in several countries at different continents such as USA, UK, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico to name a few.

Professional challenges have been the stigma of being Latino, which these issues are still present in the professional environment. Dr. Trejo has seen and experienced these conditions. However, by being focused on his dreams, Dr. Trejo pursued his objectives and worked hard to achieve the excellence which allows him to improve organizations and motivate younger minds to pursue their dreams.

Dr. Trejo has presented his doctoral research at the following universities, Oxford, UK, Mumbai,India, Barcelona, Spain, Buenos Aires,Argentina, Moscow, Russia, Kathmandu, Nepal, Salzburg, Austria, Porto, Portugal, Brussels, Belgium, University of Phoenix, University of La Verne, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, and these institutions: United Nations , International Leadership Association, Society for Advancement of Management, Latinos in Information Science and Technology, Emotional Intelligence Institute, International Society for Emotional Intelligence. Dr. Trejo has published his research articles in several scientific journals

Dr. Trejo speaks four languages English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.