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  • Purpose

    EITRI was established in 2006 based on requests from colleagues for a professional association and forum for communicating and exchanging information and ideas about positive EI assessment, related research, and transformative approaches for developing EI. Coordinated by Emotional Intelligence Learning Systems, Inc., EITRI remains a collegial association for individuals worldwide who are interested in training, education, applications, best practices, and research related to transformative EI.

  • Goals

    Our goal is to provide a forum and process for students, workers, and professionals interested in a collaborative, collegial network for engaging self, one another, and others in developing emotional intelligence skills. Our mission is to help each other develop and deliver training, education, research, methodologies, and applications with transformative models of emotional intelligence.

  • Member Participation

    Benefits of EITRI membership include web access to current and previous volumes of The International Journal for Transformative Emotional Intelligence; discounts to our annual institutes for emotional intelligence, related training events, purchased assessment instruments and learning materials, and based on membership level, additional member content as it is developed and added. EITRI association membership is appropriate for anyone interested in EI training, action research, theory and knowledge building, and best practice applications for school, work, and life.

Our focus

A collegial association for advancing emotional intelligence in school, work, and life.
tijtei annual journal

Receive online access to EITRI’s learning hub for scholarly articles and discussions, The International Journal for Transformative Emotional Intelligence. The goal of the journal is to publish articles that present qualitative and quantitative research studies, as well as best practice examples and experience models for integrating transformative EI in school, work, and life. Each article has dedicated BLOG space for members and authors to continue discussing, sharing, and learning together.

annual ei institute

First convened in 2004 on the beautiful campus of Texas A&M University-Kingsville, a primary goal of the institute is to provide a yearly face-to-face learning and sharing experience that participants will find comfortable, enjoyable, and productive. EITRI members receive substantial discounts on their tuition to attend the premier two-day conference and pre-conference learning and professional development institutes. Excellent programs are provided for EI in business, education, and government settings.

ei learning-sharing

Affiliate to receive our monthly newsletter, join for access to our annual journal and related blogs, or join for convenient learning hub access. Membership levels are explained in the following section. Visit www.EiLearningSys.com to learn more about our positive assessment instruments and learning materials.

eitri newsletter

Fill out the EITRI contact form to receive our monthly newsletter and keep up with latest developments, announcements, upcoming conference details, and more. Your newsletter affiliation is free!

EITRI Participation Opportunities

We have 1 free and 4 paid memberships. Please choose the participation level that's right for you.
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  • Monthly EITRI Newsletter
  • Reports latest developments in research, publishing, and best practice applications related to transformative emotional intelligence
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  • No Prerequisites
  • Online access and a hard copy of the current volume of The International Journal for Transformative Emotional Intelligence. All published volumes and articles of the journal are available online to paid members.
  • Access to journal article and other EI blogs
  • Discounts to Annual Institute for Emotional Intelligence and Related Events


  • Requires pervious EI Certification through EITRI
  • EITRI Associate members receive the same benefits as EITRI Collegial members, plus they receive discounts on the purchase of EI Learning Systems' positive assessment instruments and related learning materials.


  • Faculty status is for individuals with extensive experience using positive assessments in their work. Examples include doctoral supervision, directing or leading major projects, use in significant programs, numerous professional applications, etc.
  • Only individuals previously nominated for participation as EITRI Faculty will be approved at this level.
  • EITRI Faculty receive the same benefits as EITRI Associate and Collegial members, and are listed on the EITRI Faculty page.


  • Together with individual members, institutions provide significant assistance toward publishing the EITRI newsletter and annual journal
  • Institutions that support EITRI are afforded discounts to the Annual Institutes for Emotional Intelligence and related events for all registered participants from the member institution
  • Up to ten members of the institution are provided EITRI website access at the appropriate (Collegial, Associate, Faculty) level

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